Treating The Elderly with Respect, Dignity, and Happiness!

At San Diego Homecare we strive to always treat the Elderly, our clients, with Respect, Dignity, and Happiness! What this means is, we treat our clients like we’d like our parents to be treated.

We all want respect. Oftentimes, the elderly feel a lack of respect as they are no longer defined by their vocation, or children’s success. At San Diego Homecare we show our respect of our clients by listening to our clients stories–what rich stories we’ve heard! Stories of travel, job success, home ownership in different parts of the country and world, children, grandchildren, etc.. Just by listening these stories sometimes come pouring forth.

We make every effort to maintain our clients dignity while caring for them. No matter what the situation we can help our clients by downplaying whatever challenge a client may have and effortlessly overcoming any situation. No matter the challenge…our clients deserve to have their dignity intact!

One of the ways we personalize our service is celebrating our clients Birthdays. Apart from what the client’s family party we create a San Diego Homecare Birthday party. We have cake, invite other members of our team (if appropriate, and only 1 or 2) to make the Birthday a real bash! Happiness makes us healthier!

I hope this provides just a small peek into how we approach our jobs, thank you.

Kevin M. Quinn
Director, San Diego Homecare