San Diego Homecare Client Testimonials

San Diego Homecare Client TestimonialsSan Diego Homecare came and took the stress off of me to be the primary caregiver for my husband. I can now focus on being there as my husband’s wife.” Dorothy, La Jolla, CA


After a month of frustration with another Homecare company, Kevin and his team came in and have been providing professional and compassionate care ever since! Thank you Kevin.” Betty, University City, CA


Not living in San Diego provides a unique challenge for me in setting up care for my Mother. I needed a company that had excellent communication and was absolutely reliable. San Diego Homecare has been exactly that.” Melissa, Denver, CO (client resides in La Jolla)


After trying to manage caregivers myself I called San Diego Homecare. I am happy to have the scheduling issues be someone else’s problem!  San Diego Homecare has been in and established order and calmness in a previously hectic environment. Thank you San Diego Homecare!” Robert, Del Mar, CA


My parents are extremely picky about who they will allow to care for them. San Diego Homecare’s caregivers are Excellent!  Kevin chose caregivers who fit the criteria we had established and my parents have been happy ever since.” Lauren, Pacific Beach, CA


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  • Eva

    Kevin is now a movie star. He was on cahnnel 3 last night (local news cahnnel) responding to news report about a lady who almost lost her home in Anthem, Arizona trying to get a loan modification from USAA. She found out at the last minute her home was being foreclosed when someone knocked on her door and told her. After 2-1/2 years, and with the help from the TV News investigator, she got her trial modification. Kevin referenced this as an example of the right hand and left hand not communicating. Looking good Kevin. August 1, 2011


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