Entering 13th Year as President/Director of San Diego Homecare-Providing Assistance for the Elderly

I have been involved in Healthcare for over 27 years–like everyone else, this seems crazy…can I be that “old”. For the last 13 years as the President/Director of San Diego Homecare. The first half of my career in Healthcare I was involved in the Hospital arena–primarily dealing with the CEO, CFO, COO, level. I enjoyed great success and also enjoyed the challenge of that part of my career. I REALLY love what I do now! My primary interaction, now, is with families and people needing assistance from San Diego Homecare. The elderly that we are honored to assist are so admirable. It is so wonderful to meet families that are treating their parents (usually we get hired by the children of our “client”) with such respect, love, and dignity. I suspect that like the rest of us our clients have had family issues/conflicts in the past..what family hasn’t, but they are able to put that behind them and just show pure love and respect for their parents during this time. I see this over and over, very inspiring. This is what is so fulfilling at this point in my career. It is real life. Often times in corporate America you are dealing with things that are far less tangible–important none the less, but less tangible.

It is truly an honor to be allowed inside people’s lives at a crucial and critical moment in their family’s history. I only hope that I can hold up my end of the bargain and deliver the best care possible with caregivers that can be dependable, caring, compassionate and loving.

I look forward to the next 13 years!