An honor to serve the Senior Community of San Diego

I have now owned San Diego Homecare for over 12 years–San Diego Homecare is fast approaching our 25th Anniversary!

I’ve been involved in the healthcare field since 1986. The first part of my career involved dealing with the CEO’s, CFO’s of hospitals and large physician groups. I enjoyed the challenge of this endeavor but was excited when the opportunity to purchase San Diego Homecare presented itself. I was doing quite a bit of traveling and my children were very young, so the prospects of “being my own boss” was enticing.

I now have the honor of interacting with families and their loved ones who are in need of in-home assistance. Often, families are under tremendous duress during this time and have the additional challenge of interacting with other family members who they often aren’t accustomed to interacting in business dealings–this can often lead to more stress. I am so happy to say, in just about every single interaction I have had, children put their parents’ needs in front of theirs. Yes, it is stressful, but the integrity I witness on a daily basis in admirable.

I am thrilled and honored to serve the senior and elderly community in San Diego. Thank you for allowing the company I operate to serve you San Diego!